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Aleppo Soap: 3 Exceptional and Natural Virtues

Aleppo soap( also known as Syrian soap) is an excellent soap for any body type and can be used as a hair shampoo. However, not only that but also for treating many daily ailments and it’s used for cleaning too.

– Aleppo soap is natural and effective. It is an excellent soap with multiple benefits. To mention a few, here is a small overview of its uses.

1- Aleppo soap in the Bathroom:

– Its odor, peculiar at first, is almost like perfume. But beware, you have to know how to choose your Aleppo soap. Not all are as effective.

– Composed of olive oil with moisturizing and softening properties for the skin + laurel berry oil with antiseptic, soothing and healing properties, this soap is given the character of an “overgrown soap”.

– It is also an excellent shampoo. Once your hair is wet, try to lather the soap a little bit and pass it through your hair.

– The feeling is not as pleasant as with a liquid shampoo, it must be admitted. But when you see the result after, you will just admire its effectiveness.

– In addition, it is also effective against dandruff or for mops with an oily tendency.

– And finally, this soap serves as shaving foam for your beard.

2- Aleppo soap in your first aid kit:

– just to clarify that Aleppo soap is not a medicine, but that it is, in many cases, a very effective supplement.

– By restoring the hydrolipidic film, natural protection of the skin, this soap will be very effective for your sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis but also for the diaper rashes of your babies.

– Thanks to its entirely vegetable composition, Aleppo soap is also very effective against acne.

– The antiseptic and healing properties of bay oil also give Aleppo soap benefits for cleaning cuts, scratches and small wounds, but also for soothing insect bites.

– When it itches, rub the area with this soap, let it react a little, the wash.

– For constipated babies, a traditional tip is to replace a suppository with a small piece of soap.

– And finally, in case of cramps, it seems that you have to place a piece of soap at the bottom of your bed.

3- Aleppo soap to use in Cleaning:

– For cleaning, this Soap has the same virtues as Marseille soap (but it is a little more expensive).

– For cleaning tiles, for example, it is just as effective as Marseille soap or black soap.

– To wash your clothes, grate a small quantity of your soap, to be able to put it in your washing machine, instead of the usual chemical detergents.

– Your clothes are going to be washed naturally and this avoids causing an allergy.

– It is well known that diaper rash in babies, for example, is often caused by an allergy to laundry products.

– Aleppo soap is also ideal for washing dishes. You can replace your washing liquid with Marseille soap in a block on which you can rub with a sponge but Aleppo soap is just as effective.

– Even more original, by putting a piece of Aleppo soap in your cupboard or closet, you scare away moths.

– It is a very effective anti-moth soap!

The Final Result:

– Good Job, now you know all the virtues of this powerful soap.

– And in case you don’t have any soap in your house, you can easily find them in organic stores, supermarkets or on the internet.

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