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Aluminum Paper: 9 Effective and Practical Uses

The Aluminum paper is not just for wrapping your food leftover. It has many other Effective uses that no one knows about. Keep on reading in order to know more.

– And many of these effective uses of Aluminum Paper are not related to cooking. After discovering all these uses, you will no longer look at your aluminum foil the same way.

– Here are 19 uses of aluminum foil that everyone should know about.

1- Keep Your Cooking Pots Clean:

– The aluminum foil is perfect for keeping pots and your oven clean.

– Just place a layer of aluminum foil in your dish to prevent the chicken from sticking.

– To prevent juicy meat from splashing, place an aluminum foil on the pan.

– Also, place a layer on the lower oven rack to collect all the fat.

2- Make Your Silverware Shine:

– Place an aluminum foil at the bottom of your pan and fill it with cold water.

– Add about 2 teaspoons of salt and place your silverware and let react.

– After 3 to 4 minutes, wash and dry.

3- Extends the life of your Iron Straws:

– Rust tends to stain around every item that you have and that is made of steel: the sink too.

– After using your scraper, place it on a piece of lightly crumpled aluminum. This will extend its life and prevent rust from developing.

4- Clean Your Pots:

– Here is another effective solution to clean and thus protect your pots; use an aluminum foil to clean your pots with it and you can just crumple and scrape with it.

5- Protect Your Sofa From Cats and Dogs:

– Do you want to keep your pets away from certain places around the house?

– If your pet has taken up residence on a sofa or armchair that you adore, cover the seat with aluminum foil for a few days.

– The sound of aluminum irritates cats and dogs and makes them run away.

– Also, wrap the feet of your chairs to discourage the cat from clawing or teething on it.

6- Aluminum paper Removes Static Electricity:

– Here’s a great tip for laundry: instead of using expensive drying veils, use aluminum foil.

– Make a ball of aluminum and throw it in the dryer. Your clothes will stand out without static electricity.

7- Iron twice as fast:

– Place a piece of aluminum foil under your ironing board cover. When you press the iron on the garment, the heat will be returned by the aluminum on the other side.

– It is particularly effective with pants and shirt sleeves because it allows you to iron the 2 sides at once!

– Save time and energy.

8- Sharpen your Scissors:

– Fold a piece of aluminum foil several times until it is 6 or 8 layers thick. Cut this folded aluminum sheet with your scissors to sharpen them.

9- It Protects Door Handles From Paint:

– When painting, protect door handles or hinges to prevent splashing.

– It is much easier to remove than scotch tape and it leaves no trace.

We hope that these tips came handy.

Don’t forget to share these effective ideas and uses of Aluminum paper with your friends and family.

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