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Banana Peel: 10 Effective Uses

Bananas have the advantage of being a very practical snack. But that’s not all. They can also help you sleep better and even calm your stomach ache.

– On the other hand, what about banana peels? Are they just good to be thrown in the trash?

– Unfortunately for many people, it seems that the answer is yes and that’s a shame.

– According to the Environmental Protection Agency, food thrown in the trash accounts for more than 20% of all methane emissions.

– You should be aware that food emits powerful greenhouse gases when it decomposes in landfills.

– And greenhouse gases are one of the major factors of climate change.

– Fortunately, you don’t have to throw away your banana peels! We have selected 10 amazing uses for the skin of your favorite fruit for you.

1- Fertilize Your Tomato Plants:

– Wrap a peel around your growing tomato root.

– Throughout the season, they will be able to absorb all the nutrients.

2- Feed Your Houseplants:

– Put a banana in a large pot filled with water.

– Let it macerate for several hours.

– Then take a measure of this water and mix it with 5 measures of normal water in a watering can.

– Water your plants to fertilize them.

3- Put It In The Compost:

– Peels decompose quickly in the compost.

– They add a lot of excellent nutrients to your garden soil. Your flowers and vegetables will love it.

4- Relieve Itchy Rashes:

– Rub the inside of the peel on insect bites, rashes or psoriasis to reduce itching and promote healing.

5- Feed your animals:

– Add dried peels to the food of your rabbits and cows. You’ll see, they will love it and what’s more, it’s good for their health!

6- Make Banana Vinegar:

– Use the sweet and sour flavor of the banana vinegar to season your salads, flavor water or tea.

– You can use this trick in any recipe that uses vinegar.

7- Tenderize Your Meat:

– Add a ripe banana peel to the pan where you roast your boneless, skinless pieces of meat.

– This tip avoids hardening the meat during cooking.

8- Eat the Skin of the Bananas:

– You’ll get more of the nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants from banana peels by cooking them.

– You can boil them for 10 minutes in water.

– Add this water to your fruit juices or mix the chopped boiled peels well with other fruits.

– Remember to thoroughly cleanse the skin before preparing it.

9- Attract Birds And Butterflies:

– Put the very ripe peels on a raised bird feeder in the garden. All you have to do is watch the birds and butterflies come to eat.

– Make sure that bees and wasps can also enjoy themselves. But be careful!

10- Polish Leather And Silver:

– To make your leather shoes shine:

– Rub the leather with the inner part of the Banana Peel.

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