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10 Effective and Practical Tricks To Do at home

Every now and then, we should be creative. And counting on others to do what we can do ourselves is not a very good thing to do.

– That is why in this article we offer you 10 Easy, Simple, and Creative Tricks that you can do by yourself at home.

– Find out these Effective and Practical tricks that you can do by yourself and thus you end up reaping all the benefits.

1- How to Make Muffins without a Muffin Pan:

– Do you want to make muffins or cupcakes but you don’t have a muffin pan?

– Don’t worry, we have a very practical solution to use pieces of baking paper as crates to bake your muffins.

– Also, this method has another advantage: it is that each of your muffins will have a unique shape, which makes them original, creative, and delicious.

2- How to Reheat your Pizza in the Microwave:

– Whenever you use the microwave to reheat your pizza, put a cup of water next to the pizza.

– The humidity will prevent the dough from drying out, allowing it to perfectly preserve its delicious crispness.

– This trick also works for quiches, pies and any other baked preparation.

3- How to successfully fry your Eggs in a Pan:

– First, gently break your eggs in a lightly oiled pan without piercing the yolk.

– Then add a dash of water to the pan.

– Heat your stove over medium heat: this technique is called cold start.

– Thus, you get perfect cooking of the eggs in the pan, with a yolk neither too liquid nor too rigid.

4- Tricks to Store your Aromatic Herbs:

– Not many people know, but you can freeze your aromatic herbs in ice cube trays, which preserves all their flavors, but also their vitamin content.

– You should simply cover them with a little water or olive oil, before putting them in the freezer.

Be aware that there are also techniques for keeping aromatic herbs longer in the refrigerator.

In particular, you can wrap them in a piece of paper towel and put them in a freezer bag.

5- How to Store your Walnut Kernels:

– Putting your walnuts in the freezer not only preserves their nutritional properties but also their flavor and aroma.

– You should pack them in an airtight container before putting them in the freezer.

– This trick works for nuts and also for other nuts like hazelnuts, cashews, etc.

– But be careful, you should not toast the nuts before freezing them. Keeping kernels in the freezer works only if the nuts are raw.

– Thus preserved, nuts will not have the rancid taste that kernels can develop, which stay too long at room temperature.

6- How to Easily Clean a Cast Iron Pan:

– To avoid rusting and to properly clean a cast-iron skillet, avoid using ordinary dish-washing liquid.

– Instead, rub the cast iron with salt and a sponge.

– The other advantage of this method is that it also eliminates the stubborn odors that the spices can leave during cooking.

7- How to Eliminate Bad Odors on your Hands:

– To easily remove stubborn garlic or onion odors from your hands, use a little salt or lemon.

– It’s an easy and very effective tip: just rub the salt or lemon on your hands and then wash them with water.

8- Tricks to Make Stainless Steel Utensils Shine:

– To restore the original shine to your stainless steel cookware, clean it in a mixture of water and white vinegar. Follow this trick.

– And to give them even more shine, let the stainless steel utensils soak overnight in the same mixture (but only if they are entirely made of stainless steel).

– This trick will impress you.

9- Tricks to Renovate your Wooden Spoons:

– Over time, wooden spoons, spatulas, and other utensils show signs of wear and absorb stubborn odors more easily. Follow these effective tricks at home.

– But don’t have to throw away your good wooden spatula yet, as there is a traditional trick to Renovate them.

– Just boil your old wooden utensils in water and then dry them in the sun.

– This trick will not only eliminate bad odors from your wooden utensils but also it will give them a second life.

10- How to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board:

– To remove stubborn odors and food residue but also to disinfect your wooden items:

– Rub your cutting board with coarse salt.

– Let the salt react for 10 to 15 min.

– Then, pass a lemon cut in half on the wood and dry with a cloth.

– It is a very effective method to eliminate any bad odor there is from your wooden cutting boards.

We hope that these tricks help you know and thus learn better about how to clean, restore, and refine your old items and tools.

Such Tricks are always a-must-know about!

Don’t forget to share these tricks with all the people that you know.

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