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Eggshells: 9 Effective and Amazing Uses

The next time you make an omelet, don’t throw away the eggshells. Why? Because they are almost as useful as the eggs you eat.

– We have selected 9 ideas for you to easily recycle your eggshells. Which will be your favorite? Discover more below.

1- Make it a beauty mask:

– To give your skin a new youthful glow, grind the clean and dry eggshells, with a pestle, in a mortar.

– Mix this powder with an egg white.

– Spread this mask on your face.

– Wait for it to dry before removing it with water.

2- Clean your Home with Eggshells:

– Eggshells are a great, non-chemical abrasive for cleaning pots, pans and other hard-to-get thermos.

– Mix them with soapy water for optimal results.

3- Unclog your Pipes:

– Leave some shells at the bottom of your sink. They will prevent waste from escaping into the pipes and when they are dissolved, they will be evacuated and will naturally clean your pipes.

4- Fertilize your Garden:

– Eggshells are rich in calcium and other minerals that will fertilize your garden.

– Crush the shells into small pieces and use them as compost.

5- Thoroughly cleanse your Skin:

– Place your shells in a container with apple cider vinegar.

– Let them soak for a few days.

– With a cotton pad soaked in this mixture, dab your face, especially the irritated or attacked areas.

6- Create Nursery Pots:

– Clean egg halves and make a hole in each for drainage.

– Fill a box of eggs with these shells: inside each shell, put some potting soil and one or two seeds.

– When the young roots are strong enough to be planted outside, break the bottom of the shell and plant everything: the shells are biodegradable.

7- Strengthen your Dog’s Health:

– Place dry shells in an oven at 250 ° C for 30 minutes.

– Then put them in a plastic bag that you close tightly.

– Crush them with a rolling pin to obtain a fine powder.

– Mix it with your dog’s food: this is an ideal calcium supplement to strengthen your pet’s bones and teeth.

8- Keep the Slugs Away:

– Crush your shells and spread them around your plants and vegetables to scare away worms, snails, and slugs without using toxic products.

9- Sweeten your Coffee:

– To have less bitter coffee, add a few crushed shells to your coffee powder before brewing it.

– Once your coffee is ready, mix the coffee grounds and shells with your compost.

You now have 9 good reasons to no longer throw away your eggshells for recycling!

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