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Freeze and Store These 7 Natural Things

Did you know that you can freeze things inside your freezer? Well, the only question is How is that?

– What’s important is not just knowing what kind of type of foods you can freeze. You also need to know how to do that so that you preserve them as fresh as possible.

– Here are 7 foods you can store in order to save both time and money:

1- Freeze your Pancakes and Waffles:

– When making pancakes and waffles, try always do make some more to have quick snacks during the week.

– Freeze the pancakes and waffles on a baking sheet.

– Once frozen, put them in plastic bags.

– To warm them up, use a microwave (or even a toaster for waffles) and that is all.

2- Fruits:

– The best way to freeze pieces of pre-cut fruit is to spread them on baking paper or sheet.

– Then put them in a plastic bag.

– By freezing the fruit individually, it’s easier to choose the amount you need.

– If you are addicted to smoothies, prepare “smoothie bags”:

– Cut pieces of apples, peaches, pears, bananas, melons, whatever you prefer.

– Keep them in the freezer to prepare smoothies when you want.

– If you don’t handle the soft pieces of bananas, put them directly in the freezer, keeping the skin on.

– When you need it for a recipe, just take the bananas out and put them in the microwave for a few seconds.

– Then cut the top of the banana and squeeze the skin so that the flesh slides by itself into your bowl.

3- Rice:

– Prepare a large quantity of rice and spread it on baking paper or sheet.

– Once your rice is frozen, put it in plastic bags or even in plastic boxes. And that is it.

– You have rice available when you want.

It’s also a good tip for preparing whole rice, which takes a long time to cook.

– Use it for gravy dishes, soups, and Cantonese rice.

4- Pies:

– In the fall, when it’s apple season, it’s a pleasure to make pies.

– Once cooled down, wrap your pie with a piece of stretch paper. Then put it in the fridge.

– To warm it up, remove the paper and put in the pie for 2 hours at 90°.

Another tip for pies:

– You can also cut and freeze individual Parts.

5- Pasta:

– When making pasta, make it a habit to cook the entire package. Why?

– This is because you can freeze the leftover of your pasta.

– They are a great addition to your dishes in sauces or even in soup.

– You can also freeze individual servings in freezer bags. But you have to get the air out of the bag by flattening it as much as possible.

– To warm up, you can pour hot water over the bag for a few minutes. But a less energy-consuming way is to let the bag thaw in the open air.

6- Flour and Cereals:

– Do you know the food mites? Yeah, those unwanted little creatures.

– To prevent the eggs of these unwanted “guests” from hatching, keep the flour (or other grains) in the freezer for 3 days.

– Freezing flour is also a good way to keep it longer. You just have to make sure you wrap it twice with stretch paper.

– This prevents condensation and the absorption of odors from other foods.

7- Pesto:

– Prepare (or buy) your pesto and put it in ice cube trays. Once frozen, you can take the cubes out of the bin and keep them in a freezer bag.

– It’s not bad to have a little pesto when you want, right?

– Convenient for improvised pasta evenings.

We hope that you learned something new; tricks, tips, and effective ways.

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