3 Health Risks of Coca-Cola: Tips to avoid them

Coca-Cola consumers might not know what they are really drinking!

– Various Studies recently proved that this famous carbonated drink is harmful to your health. Almost 1.8 billion cans of Coca-Cola are sold worldwide every day.

– However, several components of this drink prove to be potentially dangerous for the health.

– Here is a small list of these harmful ingredients to warn you.

1- Phosphoric Acid Might Harm your Kidneys and Bones:

– While other sodas use citric acid, Coca has opted for phosphoric acid.

– It is this ingredient that gives cola its very special taste. But it can, according to various American studies conducted over the past ten years, cause two serious diseases:

– kidney failure: 600 people with kidney failure were asked about their diet.

– It has been concluded that the risk of kidney failure doubles or triples from 2 glasses of Coca-Cola per day.

– Osteoporosis in women, partly due to a fall in calcium and BMD (bone mineral density). Too much Coke is likely to be a barrier to growth.

2- Synthetic Caramel Might Cause You Cancer:

– Don’t be fooled, because it is not the good natural caramel we all know but rather the chemical one that is used to make this unhealthy Coke.

– According to the American research institute CSPI, this ingredient can be carcinogenic.

– It contains Ammonia and Sulphites which, when mixed at high temperatures, can cause Lung and Liver cancer, as well as Leukemia.

3- Aspartame: A Dangerous Sweetener in Coca-cola:

– Aspartame is a sweetener found in so-called “light” soft drinks, especially in Coca Light.

– A study showed that aspartame can cause lung, Liver and even brain tumors: due to this unhealthy Coca-cola.

– For your information, this study is currently in the validation phase by the ANSES (National Agency for Health Security).

– Another study showed that premature births could be caused by aspartame.

Some Extra Tips:

– Rather than ruining yourself by buying an expensive and unhealthy drink, it is better to buy either water or homemade lemonade, or why not a natural drink.

– You may save yourself from doctor consultations by drinking healthy drinks rather than Coca-cola.

Stay Healthy and remember; Health is Wealth.

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