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Hot Summer Nights: 10 tips to Survive

When the thermometer gets carried away, it’s not easy to sleep in these conditions! Especially when you don’t have air conditioning at home.

– We sweat and wake up during the night because it’s so hot.

– Surviving summer with very high temperatures without an air conditioner seems impossible.

– However, our grandparents did it without worry! How ?

– They knew effective tips for cooling without any air conditioner.

– Read on to discover these tested and approved tips for staying cool on hot nights:

1- Place the Sheets in the Freezer:

– Place your sheets in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before bed.

– We recommend that you put them in a plastic bag.

– Sure, it won’t cool you down overnight, but it should make it easier for you to fall asleep and enjoy a brief moment of freshness.

2- Use a Frozen Hot Bottle of Water:

– Here is a tip that will serve you as well in summer as in winter: buy a hot water bottle.

– In winter, fill the hot water bottle with boiling water to warm your frozen toes without exploding your heating bill.

– In summer, put it in the freezer to cool your bed easily.

3- Make Your Home Air Conditioner:

– You don’t have an air conditioner at home? No problem ! You just have to make one yourself.

– To do this, place a frozen water bottle right in front of a fan.

– The breath of the fan will cool as it passes over the frozen bottle and cool you down nicely.

– It also works with a saucepan or bowl filled with ice cubes.

4- Make a Draft:

– Position a ventilator in front of a window, so that the outside wind as well as the ventilo combine and make a more powerful draft.

– In this case, the fan must be oriented towards the inside of the room and not towards the outside, contrary to what was said above.

– You can even add several fans distributed in the room to create an even stronger air flow.

5- Sleep Alone:

– Sleeping alone is much more effective in order not to feel hot at night.

– Better sleep alone to avoid raising the temperature in the bed.

6- Hot Weather: Try taking a Cold Shower:

– A cold shower has not the same experience during the hot summer months as the rest of the year.

– Even if you are chilly by nature, try to lower the water temperature as much as possible, or even not to use hot water at all.

– Washing under a jet of cold water will quickly cool down your body temperature, but not only that: all the sweat will disappear and you will feel fresh and clean.

7- Sleep as Low as Possible:

– The warm air rises. So remember to put your bed or mattress as close to the ground as possible, to fight the heat.

– In a single-story house, that means lowering your mattress from a high bed to put it on the floor.

– Preferably on tiles. If you live in a multi-story house, try sleeping on the ground floor or, better, in the basement, instead of sleeping on the upper floors.

8- Hang a Wet Sheet On the Window:

– Refresh an entire room by simply hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window.

– The breeze which will pass through the wet sheet will quickly bring down the temperature of the room.

9- Unplug All Electronic Devices:

– In rooms, there are often plenty of electronic devices that produce heat without your knowing it.

– Even if they are supposedly turned off! Reduce the heat in the house and bedroom (while saving energy!)

– By completely unplugging the appliances from electrical outlets if you are not using them.

10- Sleep Following the Position of the Stars:

– Sleeping alone has its advantages (See Step N 5 ). One of them is to have plenty of room to stretch as much as you want.

– Try to fall asleep in the star position with your arms and legs apart, without them touching.

– Why ? Because it will reduce your body heat and the air will circulate better around your body.

– Try it and you will feel the difference in perspiration.

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