The Immune System: 4 Natural Tips to Boost it

What about our Immune System? Prevention is better than cure, right? Most people, every year, seek to get their cures in order to boost their immune systems and protect themselves against the evils of winter.

– If the cold winter is the main factor for triggering many ailments, the main cause of your illnesses remains the weakness of your immune system.

– To strengthen it, you must be ready to face all odds.

– To help you in this mission, here is a simple and inexpensive little program that you can follow for better results in the future.

1- Essential Vitamins for your Immune System:

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin to avoid infections and health problems.

– You can abuse it because vitamin C hypervitaminosis has no known harmful side effects.

– Also, winter is the season of oranges. So try to drink some juice in the morning.

– Parsley is even richer in vitamin C. Never forget to add it in your light salads or in yogurt with garlic as a morning starter.

– Vitamin E works so well against the Flu. Wheat germ oil is the richest in vitamin E. Make sure you add some to your salads.

2- The cure for Magnesium Chloride:

– In less than a day and at low cost, magnesium chloride (to dissolve in 1 l of water) cures the onset of flu, angina, otitis, and all these small ailments.

– With a one-week preventive treatment, it will strengthen your immune system significantly.

– Watch out for its salty taste.

3- Effective Plants:

– Echinacea has proven itself as N ° 1 in natural defense stimulator.

– 1 teaspoon of chopped whole plant for 25 cl of boiling water: here is a herbal tea that you can take at least once a day.

– The grapefruit seed extract should also be part of your healing kit. It is antiviral and anti-infectious.

– With 2 drops in your echinacea tea, you are ready to face winter.

4- Healthy Living:

– Poor diet, lack of exercise, sleep or too much stress are of course direct and main factors not to feel healthy and just feeling lazy all day long.

– However, and to decrease these factors is to increase your immune system to winter aggressions.

The Final Result:

– That is it, you are now aware how to be in a great shape to spend the winter with no worries or whatsoever.

– Preventing illnesses means avoiding ending up in bed for 2 weeks and spending a fortune on vaccines and specific medication that won’t do you any good.

– Prevention is better than cure, keep this in mind.

Stay Healthy.

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