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For A Couple: 9 Amazing Indoors Activities

Nowadays, couple activities can be prohibitively expensive. Especially when it comes to going to a restaurant, a show, Watching a movie, etc.

– However, there are several possibilities to spend a good romantic evening on a tight budget.

– If you look closely, these inexpensive activities are even more entertaining than conventional couple outings.

– Quickly discover these 9 activities that you can do as a couple.

1. A Cooking Evening:

– It is well known: to win your partner’s heart, you have to go through his stomach.

– If you and your partner enjoy cooking, why not prepare your favorite dishes together?

– It’s a great way to spend a romantic evening. It is also an opportunity to put your partner’s culinary talents to the test.

– In addition, you will create something delicious together.

– But beware: don’t let your partner do the dishes all by themselves.

2- A Board Game:

– Don’t worry: we’re not going to offer you a Scrabble evening.

– Indeed, board games have evolved a lot since Monopoly and the naval battle. More and more games are designed to be played by two!

– Nowadays, board games are a great way to spend a romantic evening (or with other friends). It is a great activity to do for two.

– In addition, you can play it at affordable prices!

3- A Film:

– Instead of spending a thousand and hundreds at the cinema, why not spend a good evening to watch a film at home?

– Compared to a movie night at the cinema, a movie night at home has several advantages:

– There are less expenses.

– There are fewer spectators.

– And finally, it’s even more romantic.

– Indeed, it’s not at the cinema that you can lie down and cuddle. And, as a bonus: you can snack on a small homemade dish during your film.

4- A Picnic Evening The Living Room:

– Instead of a picnic in the countryside, why not have a picnic in your living room ?! Certainly, the idea is original.

– But admit it: it is rather romantic.

– For a picnic in your living room, pretend you are in the middle of nature.

First, spread a blanket.

Then take out the sausage, cheese, etc.

It’s almost better than a “real” picnic!

– There is a big advantage: no more danger of being interrupted by a downpour or by ants!

– And more, if your picnic takes an unexpected turn, you will never have problems of public indecency.

– In any case, it’s a great way to surprise your lover without money to spend!

5- A Massage:

– Have you tried the movie evening? And the picnic evening too? So continue your momentum with a good massage session.

– Massages at home are just as beneficial as expensive massages in a spa.

– And it’s really easy to set up. All it takes is a little body oil, a towel and that’s it!

– In addition, the person massaging you is your partner: so there is no need to hide your natural reactions!

6- A Fondue:

– Here is another activity that can be done either as a couple or with your friends.

– There are fondue sets at affordable prices on free advertising sites.

– Otherwise, you can buy them online. The rest is inexpensive: bread and cheese for the savory version, or fruit and chocolate for the sweet version.

7- video Games:

– It is well known: a couple who plays together stays together!

– You can choose games in cooperative mode, where you have to unite your actions with your partner towards a common goal.

– If your competitive spirit is not unhealthy, you can try racing games or fighting games.

– You will be surprised by the number of hours you can spend behind the controls with your boyfriend or girlfriend, whether you are a teenager or an adult!

8- Prepare A Meal as a Couple:

– Nothing like a homemade meal to say “I love you” to your partner. Especially if she/he doesn’t even have to do the dishes!

– So, surprise your partner with his/ her favorite dish.

9- A Poker Night for a Couple:

– Basically, poker is an entertaining game.

But if you decide to invite a few friends, you can even earn some money.

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