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5 Natural and Effective Fertilizers For Plants

Are you looking for some natural Fertilizers for your plants to stay in good shape and grow easily? We have the best solution that you have been looking for.

– You don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying bags of fertilizers for this.

– There are natural and effective fertilizers which we do not even have an idea about.

– Discover 5 free fertilizers that your plants will love:

1- Banana Peel:

– Banana peel is not just for making jokes on the street.

– Rich in potassium, the banana peel promotes the growth of flowering plants and gives them beautiful colors.

– Cut the banana peel into small pieces and bury it at the base of your plants.

– This tip is ideal for roses, but can be used for all flowering or green plants.

2- Coffee Grounds:

– It is excellent for boosting plant growth because it is rich in nitrogen and phosphates. Add coffee grounds to the base of the plants by mixing it with the soil.

– It stimulates flowering and repels worms that attack the roots. The coffee grounds also keep flies away which do not like their smell at all.

3- Wood Ashes:

– By storing the ashes from the chimney, barbecue or wood stove, you have in your hands a concentrated and effective fertilizer.

– In addition, the ashes fight against plant diseases and repel gastropods (snails and slugs).

– In any case, start by sifting the ashes to keep only a fine powder.

A- Fertilizers:

The ashes can be applied in 2 ways:

– You can spread them in a thin layer around the beds, then bury them in a superficial manner by slightly scratching the ground.

– The other solution is to mix 1 kg of ash in a bucket of water to obtain a kind of gray milk. It only remains to water your plants after having stirred well.

B- Against diseases:

– A natural fertilizer:

– Mix the ashes with the water to form a smooth paste.

– Then, brush the trunk of the fruit trees to protect them from diseases;

C- Against Gastropods:

– Sprinkle the ashes all around the crops coveted by slugs and snails. Gastropods hate it and quickly turn around.

4- Egg Shells:

– Egg shells are very effective as a fertilizer, including in the vegetable patch, but also to combat unwanted pests such as ants and leek worms.

– Dry the eggshells in the sun, then mash them with a rolling pin.

– All you have to do is spread this powder at the base of your plants, mixing it with the soil.

– Eggshells are also a good natural anti-slug and anti-snail.

5- Cooking Water:

– You don’t think about it when you put it in the sink, but cooking water from eggs, vegetables, or pasta is an excellent natural fertilizer.

– Let it cool, then use it to water your indoor plants.

– This contribution in mineral salts boosts plant growth.

The Final Result:

– There you have it already. Now you know 5 Natural, Effective, and Practical Ingredients to use as Fertilizers in order to keep your plants in a good shape and always fresh and healthy as well.

– Thanks to these practical and effective tips, you never have to spend your money in a box of commercial fertilizers.

– It is often mistakenly thought that it is only farmers who pollute the soil. No! Home gardeners also play a significant role when they choose to use fertilizers and chemical treatments.

– By betting on banana peel, coffee grounds, ashes, eggshells and cooking water, you will do a good job to the planet and to your wallet as well.

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