No More Cosmetic Products: Use 3 Effective Foods

It may seem odd to search your kitchen for beauty products but believe in this funny yet practical fact. No More Cosmetic products.

– Soon you will not be able to do without these natural, healthy, and effective foods.

– We are more than sure that these natural solutions that we have for you are way better than any other cosmetic products out there.

– When you know you have to be careful about what you eat, why not be careful about what you put on your skin too?

– In this article, we have some natural, healthy, and effective solutions that you should read and thus choose. Forget about the same cosmetic products that you have at home.

– We are sure that you will never look at your coconut oil, brown sugar, and white vinegar the same way again.

1- Coconut Oil works better than any Cosmetic product:

– If you already like it in your food, you will love it on your skin.

Coconut oil is packed with vitamin E, and thus it boosts your cell renewal and prevents dehydration (chapped lips in winter, for example).

– As a result, your skin is fresher and more luminous. The best thing is to use a little in the evening instead of your usual ineffective moisturizer.

– And once a week, you can hydrate your whole body with it too.

– Coconut oil can also replace a cleansing oil and can be used on the tips of your hair from time to time.

– Just apply it, leave it on for a few hours and wash it off with your usual shampoo. Guaranteed shine and softness after you use it.

2- Apple Cider Vinegar:

– Most makeup removers are very harmful to your skin and leave it irritated.

Apple cider vinegar can do what other expensive products couldn’t do.

– Its natural acids will rebalance your skin, soften it and reduce redness or pimples.

– Just apply it on your face after removing your makeup (with coconut oil for example), using a cotton pad.

– If you are afraid that it is too strong, dilute with a little water. And don’t worry, the smell goes away after 2 minutes.

– You can also use apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. Put one scoop of vinegar into two scoops of water and apply by massaging your scalp.

– Leave it on for 1 minute and then wash well with water.
– No need to do this every day, once a month is more than enough to give them a kick.

3- Oatmeal and Brown Sugar:

– Nothing better to take care of your skin than a home-made, natural, effective scrub. Forget all your old Cosmetic Products.

– For this, you can use Oatmeal and Brown Sugar.

– To do this, put 3 doses of sugar + 2 doses of flakes, then a good spoonful of coconut oil and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

– The brown sugar will remove the dead skin, and all the other ingredients are there to prevent it from irritating your skin, moisturizing and softening it.

– Just as it reduces redness and repairs the skin on your face, apple cider vinegar will regenerate your tired body.

– And with coconut oil, you will come out perfectly hydrated.

– Now you are perfectly aware that these cosmetic products are no good for your skin and health.

– Instead of buying these cosmetic products, now you have a better solution to choose.

No more excuses for not looking great.

Don’t forget to share these effective and Natural ideas with all the people that you know.

Stay Healthy; Look Young.

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