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Paint Stains: 3 Essential Tips To Avoid Stains

When painting, stains are often to happen and to be found too. Here are these 3 essential tips for painting without staining at home.

– The advantage of these 3 tips is that they are simple and very effective. All you need is a rubber band and aluminum foil.

1- Avoid Stains on your Door Handles:

– Do you need to paint a door? So the most difficult thing is probably not to put paint on the handle.

– Fortunately, there is a very easy trick to avoid getting paint on the doorknobs.

A- To avoid stains on the handles:

– Cover them carefully with aluminum foil.

– Then paint your door as usual by going around the handle.

– Be sure to paint well around the door handle.

– When the paint is dry, gently remove the aluminum foil.

– And now your door is painted, and your handle is clean.

2- Avoid Stains On The Floor:

– Another problem when painting is that: stains are often found on the floor.

– It is true that often the brushes drip and paint falls on the floor. Or, we wipe the brush on the edge of the pot, which drips paint on the floor.

– And these spots are very difficult to remove.

– Fortunately, there is an effective trick to prevent the paint from dripping on the floor. And a rubber band is enough for it to work and there is no longer a stain of paint on the floor.

– Before how to paint, take a wide elastic.

– Open the paint can and put the elastic around the pot, in the direction of its height.

– Now you can start painting.

– Dip the brush into the pot as usual and wipe the excess paint off the elastic.

– Like that, you just have enough paint to cover your surface and there is no drop falling on the floor.

3- Avoid Stains On The paint Tray:

– Once you’ve finished your painting job, you still have to put everything away and clean it up.

– Frankly, we would do well. But it is painful and tiring.

– Fortunately though, there is an effective tip to clean the paint tray effortlessly and without any rubbing.

– To avoid having to clean the paint tray, simply cover it completely with aluminum foil.

– When you have finished painting, remove the aluminum foil.

– And there you go, your paint tray is very clean! And it took you less than 1 min to clean everything up.

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