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Prevent and Remove Rust: Save Using Olive Oil

Do you have knives in your kitchen that are starting to rust, and do you know how dangerous it can be?

– Is your razor blade starting to look old and rusty? Do not panic! It is true that anti-rust products have a price, as does buying these objects.

– But you already have at home what you need to solve this problem easily, and for a very reasonable cost too.

– So take out your bottle of olive oil and find out how to use it to scour your rusty items.

1- Olive oil as an effective Ingredient:

– Rust can happen at any time, on objects that are left wet, or that are not used often.

– It is potentially dangerous, but above all, it is difficult to fight and clean.

– In addition, cleaning products are quite expensive. For its lubricating properties, and because its chemical composition does not allow it to mix with water: thus, olive oil is perfectly indicated for fighting this problem and thus preventing it.

– To do this, you just need to apply it to the object that you want to clean, knowing that it works particularly well on iron objects.

A- If your item is already rusted:

– Try scraping it off with another object that you have covered with oil.

– Once it is as clean as possible, cover it abundantly with olive oil.

– This solution will prevent rust from spreading and will protect your item for a while.

– Repeat as soon as necessary.

However, if it is an object that often comes into contact with food (such as a kitchen knife), or that can be handled by children, it is better to replace it.

B- If your item is not yet rusted:

– In simple prevention, you just need to:

1. Clean your object well, and especially dry it well.

2. Fill a small container with olive oil, and immerse your object in it.

3. Leave it to stand for 5 minutes, then take out the object and wipe it with a towel or Sopalin for example.

– No more excuses for having rusty items now! All it takes is a little olive oil, and some time; I’m sure you can find both.

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