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Make Your Shoes Smell Good: 8 Effective Tips

Do your shoes smell bad? Don’t worry! There are some effective tips to make them smell good.

– But wait before buying deodorizing sprays to eliminate these unpleasant odors!

– Sometimes it doesn’t take much to remove bad smells from our sneakers.

– Here are 8 tips to keep your sneakers from smelling bad:

1- Use Toothpaste as an Effective tip:

– To remove odors from your sneakers, consider using toothpaste.

– Use a toothbrush full of toothpaste to clean hard-to-reach places. Slip it into the interior folds of the sneakers or even into the bottom of the ballerinas which contain bad smells.

2- The Socks:

– Never wear your sneakers without socks!

– If you wear closed sneakers, the socks keep your feet from sweating. Thus, this tip is effective because it limits the bad smell in your shoes.

3- The Freezer:

– You can put your shoes in the freezer to remove odors a bit.

– But remember to put your sneakers in a tightly closed bag if you do not want to end up with a smell of feet all over the freezer.

4- An Effective House Recipe:

– Mix baking soda, washing-up liquid, and hydrogen peroxide.

– Leave for 1 hour on your shoes and, with a little elbow grease, remove stains and odors.

– Then Wash.

5- Methylated Spirits:

– To clean your shoes, mix Methylated spirits with a little water.

– Rub with a cotton pad, cloth or apply with a spray.

– It destroys the bacteria that cause bad odors!

– If they smell really bad, you can wash them with the same mixture.

6- Use Sponges:

– There is nothing better than sponges to clean the soles and plastic parts of your shoes: Sponges are very effective to remove any bad odors.

7- New Soles for your Shoes:

– If your shoes smell bad, opt for this simple effective idea:

– Replace your old soles for new ones.

8- The machine and The Dryer:

– After cleaning your sneakers, it is recommended to spin them in the machine to wash them well.

– And you can also tumble dry them. But be careful not to damage the dryer.

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