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Make Sugar-Free Cakes: 3 Effective Ingredients

Eating sugar-free cakes is no longer a dream!

– Today, science allows us this pleasure, thanks to these magical tricks that are sugar substitutes.

– No need to worry anymore about the amount of sugar in your cake or anything like that! Today you can use these sugar-free alternatives.

– This article will help you to know which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

– With these three, you can go quietly, they do not pose a danger to your health and are suitable for light desserts:

1- Erythritol:

– It is a particular ‘sugar’ that you find for instance in melon or grapes.

– Another fact is that because it is consumable by diabetics and it is not caloric.

– Another tip: it does not attack your teeth! It has a volume identical to that of sugar, which makes it easier to use.

– But its sweetening power is lower, so it still requires adjusting the doses. It is perfect for cakes that swell because it supports cooking very well.

– The only Disadvantage when it comes to cakes is that it dissolves poorly in liquids.

2- Xylitol:

– This particular type of sugar is quite interesting because it looks a lot like natural sugar while having a caloric intake half lower (but not zero!)

– Even if its glycemic index is very low, it is however not suitable for diabetics.

– For diets, it is very useful. Especially since it is dosed exactly like sugar and is suitable for a very large number of recipes: jams, cakes that rise or that do not rise (like cookies).

– It goes particularly well with fruit. Be careful however to always check that it comes from birch and not corn (it is bad for your health).

3- Stevia as a Sugar-free alternative:

– It has a zero glycemic index and caloric intake.

– However, it still has some drawbacks when it comes to cooking:

  • Its liquorice taste is very strong.
  • It is quite difficult to dose.
  • It does not tolerate cooking at high temperatures .
  • It does not react like sugar.

4- Types of Sugar that you should Avoid:

A- Aspartame:

– This particular type of sugar you must avoid at all costs.

– Not only it does give you diabetes, but it is allergenic and above all does not support any type of cooking there is at all.

– Especially at a too high temperature, it becomes downright harmful), which makes it unusable in baking.

B- Fructose:

– Consume this type of sugar the minimum you can.

– Occasionally, if there is no other solution or alternative, you may use it in a cake to replace the usual sugar.

– But only occasionally not regularly, because too much of it promotes obesity and it is bad for your pancreas.

– However, it has advantages:

– It is sweeter than sugar, that is why you should put less.
– Its glycemic index is low.

– With that being said, it is almost as caloric as sugar, so its usefulness is limited.

C- Agave syrup:

– Agave syrup is a derivative of fructose. Clearly, it has the same drawbacks as those listed above.

Directions for use:

– Pay attention to its price, because whatever substitute you choose, they are all unfortunately quite expensive compared to the usual sugar.

– But, they will certainly save you calories and guilt (in addition to the additional costs of the doctor, dietitian, slimming creams …)

– If you avoid sugar for health reasons, I really recommend erythritol and stevia which have no effect on your blood and do not represent caloric intake.

– Try, nevertheless, to gradually reduce your consumption of sugar, false or not, because it is still the best way to preserve your health.

– If your goal is to go on a diet, or occasionally enjoy a cake without having to feel guilty, I recommend that you try and mix some of these types of sugars to get something that is as close as possible to sugar.

– Try to exploit the qualities of each one according to the desired effect.

– Cooking is also a pleasure, so have fun using these sugar-free alternative!

Enjoy your Sugar-free cakes.

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