Talcum Powder: 8 Effective and Natural Uses

Do you have a girlfriend who always has a pot of talcum powder, and you don’t understand why she uses it for? We will tell you why.

– Have you always believed that its use was limited to the buttocks of babies?

– The qualities and uses of talcum are sometimes unknown, and yet they are very numerous.

– If you do not have a pot at home yet, this will soon be the case: do not deprive yourself of such a precious product. Not only it does smell good, but it also absorbs moisture.

– Here are 8 effective uses of talcum to know so that it becomes your best daily friend:

1- Talcum Powder against Sweating:

– Talcum will help you fight sweating effectively and naturally, regardless of your body part.

– You just need to apply a little, where you want to sweat less. That is all you have to do.

2- The Shampoo:

– You don’t have time to wash your hair, but don’t feel like staying dirty? Put talcum on your hair.

3- Uses for The Thighs That Rub:

– As soon as it is a little warm, and you wear a dress, you feel this unpleasant feeling?

– Fortunately, a little talcum and this problem disappears. It will help reduce perspiration in this place and will slide the skin, preventing it from irritating with friction.

4- Hair Removal:

– Have you noticed that estheticians often use talcum?

– This is because by absorbing moisture, it reduces pain when you tear off a strip of wax.

– So remember to put it on a bit before waxing.

5- The Squeaks of Wooden Furniture:

– Got that bed, that parquet, that creaking staircase?

– It may be because of the humidity. If so, a little talcum powder should help.

6- Fat Spots:

– Do you have oil on your most beautiful jeans? Talcum Powder flies to your rescue.

7- Against Bad Smells:

– We sometimes have it at home! Well, you just need to put Talcum powder in the “sensitive” area.

8- To Wash Your Cat:

– Just as it can be used as a dry shampoo, talcum powder can be used to wash your cat without soap (and without the need to wet it).

– No more excuses for not having one at home. In addition, it doesn’t even cost much!

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