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Tartine Pizza with Cheese: a Cheap Recipe

Are you in need for a quick snack for tonight’s Movie? A tip to please your food budget and at the same time to learn how to prepare a good Tartine pizza with goat cheese.

– It is very simple to cook as a recipe and also, it is too good and won’t take more than just 10 minutes.

1- Ingredients:

For 2 people:

– 2 slices of bread.

– 2 tomatoes.

– 1 slice of chicken.

– 1/2 goat cheese.

Olive oil and Oregano.

2- Preparation of your Pizza:

– Preheat your oven to the grill position.

– Cut the chicken slice in 2.

– Cut the 2 tomatoes and the goat’s cheese into thin slices.

– Use the toaster to brown the 2 slices of bread.

– Once toasted, place the slices of bread on a plate.

– Sprinkle them with a drizzle of olive oil.

– Cover the bread with the chicken slices.

– Put the tomatoes.

– Finally, add the goat cheese over it.

– After adding the oregano, place your pizza toasts in the oven for only 5 to 10 minutes.

The Final Result:

– And that’s it, your delicious Pizza is ready.

– You can add a little basil, tapenade or arugula. And accompany your pizza toast with a green salad.

An Extra tip:

– This excellent and tasty recipe has all the advantages because it is easy to make and very economical.

– The thing with this recipe is that you can easily use your leftover bread, chicken, tomato and goat cheese to make it.

– With this recipe, you eat well and quickly, and you also avoid wasting any food there is and you save on the food budget of the house.

Enjoy your meal.

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