Tiger Balm: 11 Effective and Healthy Uses

Nowadays, many people think that Tiger Balm is an outdated remedy. But those born before the 1980s know that it has many health benefits.

– Indeed, it is one of the best remedies that always proven itself for hundreds of years.

– The original tiger balm was created in Burma in the 1870s by a Chinese herbalist: Aw Chu Kin.

– The balm contains menthol, mint oil, clove oil, cajeput oil, and camphor.

– Here are 19 uses of this product that no one knows about:

1- It Relieves Rheumatism:

– For those who have pain due to rheumatism, this product can be used as an analgesic.

– By applying it directly to the lower back, legs, and directly to sore muscles.

– Apply as many times as necessary.

2- Combating Perspiration Odors:

– Did you know that perspiration odors can be greatly reduced by prolonged use of tiger balm?

– Apply regularly on the parts of your body that need it and bad body odors will disappear. Instead, you will smell menthol.

3- It Removes Paint Stains:

– You have been painting at home and now you have paint stains on your hands and arms. Can’t seem to remove them? No need to use chemicals.

– Put a little of your product on a cloth and carefully rub your skin with it. After a few minutes, the paint will start to dissolve and you can easily remove it.

4- Exterminate Termites:

– Wood or bamboo furniture affected by wood termites can be treated with this product to get rid of it.

– All you have to do is to put some of your products in all the termite holes in the affected furniture, and they will die.

5- Serves As An Insect Repellent:

– This product is a very effective repellent. Indeed, mosquitoes and wasps hate its strong smell.

– Place a box of tiger balm in the four corners of your room during the summer, and leave the lid open.

– Insects will never enter a room that smells like tiger balm.

6- Soothes Mosquito Bites:

– Have you been bitten by a mosquito? No problem! You can help relieve itching by applying it directly to the bite.

7- It Calms Sore Throats:

– Gently rub your neck with the palm of your hand.

– As a result, your sore throat will be just a bad memory the next morning.

8- Treats Toothache:

– If you have pain in your tooth, the solution is to apply some of this product directly in your mouth.

– Put some of it on a clean cloth and rub the area around the aching tooth.

9- Relieves Headache:

– It is an excellent remedy for headaches.

– Massage your temples using this product and reapply if necessary.

– Be careful not to put balm in the eyes.

10- It Fights Against Cold Feet:

– For those who suffer from cold feet in winter, this product is the solution.

– Massage your feet with the balm to help stimulate and improve blood circulation.

11- Tiger Balm Helps you To Breathe:

– Did you know that German football players put some of this product on their chest?

– Indeed, they discovered that applying the balm on the chest can help relieve the pain associated with fast running.

– Try to put it on and you will see that it will help you breathe when you do sport or any other activity.

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