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Weeds in your Garden: 8 Natural Ways to Pluck it

Are weeds spoiling your garden or disturbing your crops? It is true that weeds grow very quickly! However, we have the right solution for it.

– But that is not a reason to use chemical products and harm your garden with it.

– However, in this article, we offer you some natural ways to get rid of it once and for all.

– These are simple tips that will not endanger the health of your children or pets.

– Here are 8 simple, natural ways to kill weeds in your garden without pesticides.

1- Using your bare hand:

– You can get rid of weeds using the same old-fashioned way: by pulling it off by hand.

– Wear a good pair of garden gloves to do this.

– Be careful not to inadvertently transport weed seeds elsewhere.

– Good gardening tools like a claw or a small pointed shovel can be helpful. They will help you loosen the soil around the roots.

– All that remains is to pull the weed out of the root completely. It’s the only way to make sure it doesn’t come back again.

2- Use Mulch in your Garden:

– Cover the planting areas with mulch.

– The weed seeds will not come into contact with the soil and therefore will not grow near your plants.

– Bad seeds that are already in the ground will not see the light that is needed for it to grow. This is another way to avoid them.

– Finally, mulch provides additional benefits of moisture retention. Ideal not to increase watering.

– It also enriches your soil by decomposing. And then, it is rather pretty.

3- With White Vinegar:

– Put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the weeds.

– Like other natural herbicides, vinegar cannot differentiate between weeds and other plants.

– Preferably spray it early in the morning. And especially when there is little wind to avoid contaminating neighboring plants.

– Vinegar is very acidic and its herbicidal properties are activated by the sun. So choose a cloudless day without rain or the vinegar will not have time to work.

4- With A Newspaper:

– The newspaper is used to smother weeds and keep the new ones from spreading.

– Cover your crops with a thick layer of the newspaper that will prevent sunlight from reaching the weed seeds. Thus, they cannot germinate.

– Wet the soil first, apply the newspaper at the base of the plants. – Moisten it thoroughly again before covering it with mulch.

– This is a great way to recycle it! And as a bonus, you encourage earthworms to come and stay. Remember that earthworms are very useful for aerating the earth.

5- With Boiling Water:

– Scalding weeds is another way to control them. Just grab your kettle, after heating the water, and take it to the garden.

– Carefully pour a trickle of water on the base of each unwanted plant. Perennial, leathery weeds with very long and taproots may require two or three applications.

– But, they will eventually capitulate.

– Use your potholders, of course, and protect yourself from splashes: wear long pants and closed shoes.

6- With salt:

– Salt is very effective at killing weeds.

– Just put a pinch of salt at the base of each plant. It will kill it, but above all, it will dilute after a few showers of rain.

Warning: salt makes the soil non-cultivable for several months, so be sure to apply only a small amount and only when necessary.

Avoid spreading it on good plants!

7- With Soap:

– Make your own home-made herbicidal soap.

– Mix in equal parts: Vinegar, Salt and Soap. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Apply it to your weeds. Attention: be judicious.

– This concoction will kill all the plants it touches without distinction. So be careful and don’t spread it on your perennials.

8- With Steam:

– A high-pressure sprayer works with water that is embedded in plant cells.

– When the water turns to vapor, the cells burst and the plant dies. You don’t have to char the weeds, just wilt them. It takes a bit of practice, but it’s very effective.

– Warning: never use it on toxic herbs, as they can release toxic vapors into the air. Your eyes or your lungs would be the first victims.

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