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Wood Ash: 10 Secret Uses No One Knows About!

Do you have wood ash at home and you don’t know what to do with it? Well, in this article we are going to show you what you can do with it at home.

– When you heat yourself in front of your fireplace or using your stove at home, this is often a question that arises.

– However, in this article, we have a list of useful uses of your wood ash. We have tested most of these uses and we can tell you that they really work.

1- Wood Ash To protect your Roses from Slugs:

– Spread the ashes in a large circle around each foot of your roses.

– They will deter snails and slugs from attacking your plants.

2- Wood Ash To Fertilize The Compost:

– Mix wood ashes with your compost in small quantities. They will enrich it.

– But do not put too much so as not to make it too acidic.

– Your compost will love it.

3- Wood Ash as a Multi-purpose Cleaner:

– Mix ashes with water to form a paste.

– With a sponge, you can scour dirty dishes and clean the worktop.

– You can also rub this paste on the glass of your wood stove or that of the insert of your fireplace.

– It also works for traces left by glasses on wooden furniture. You can also use this paste to polish and shine silver objects.

P.S: This mixture is abrasive. So use it with care and remember to put on protective gloves.

4- Wood Ash as a Fertilizer For Tomatoes:

– Ash is rich in potash, calcium and silica. And the tomato plants love it!

– Put some ashes at their feet to help them grow. Plants, like black nightshade, also like it.

5- Against The Ice:

– Are you slipping in front of your house because of the ice?

– Put some ashes on these slippery passages. It does not take much for it to be effective and avoid falling.

– Very handy if you have steps outside the door.

6- Against The Proliferation of Algae:

– Ash prevents algae from growing in water. You don’t have to put a lot to make it work.

– A simple tablespoon of ash for 3800 liters of water is enough! It is very useful!

7- Wood Ash To Eliminate Odors:

– To remove bad odors in the shoe cupboard, put ash in a cloth or an old T-shirt.

– Place this bundle of ashes near the shoes.

– To remove bad odors from your dog, sprinkle its coat with ashes and then brush it.

– No more bad smells, especially if you wash it with a special shampoo before.

8- To Care For Fruit Trees:

– Sprinkle ash around your fruit trees: apricots, peaches, cherries. Stone fruits love it!

– Just like apples which suffer from bitter spots, a problem which concerns certain varieties in particular Bramleys.

9- To Hunt Fleas and Ticks:

– You can also use wood ash to prevent an infestation of fleas and ticks or to chase them and avoid bites.

– Sprinkle ash in the area requiring treatment. The critters are not going to drag on!

10- To Do Old Laundry:

– You can also do laundry with ash. It’s a bit long but it’s possible! The ancients used carya ash.

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